Christmas Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Looking for the perfect gift for your new wife or new husband…. Here are some gift ideas, that are fun and sure to make them very happy. Keep him warm this season with a cuddly sweatshirt   Or a cute travel mug    

Seating Arrangements

One of the most engaging tasks that the bride needs to get involved in, is the seating plan. During the marriage ceremony, in most cases the brides family will sit together on one side and the grooms family will sit on the other side. At the reception, one may want to number tables and chart […]

Photo Album Memories

Once the wedding day is done, one is left with beautiful memories. Coffee table photo albums afford us a chance to relive the magic moments day after day. As years go on, photos can be shown over and over to friends who did not attend the wedding, guests who were there can laugh over all […]