How To Make Cards! Workshop

In an effort to empower young people, this year, we’ll start running a series of workshops, to train creative and talented young people who are interested in card making, on how to make cards, and not just the creative part, but also pass on some business skills. The outcome of these workshops should be business savvy creative card designers.

This initiative has come out of numerous requests to me from young people who want to learn how to make cards. In the year 2010, Kenya is a much more open minded market than it was several years ago, and the time is right for them to create a niche for themselves in the  local, handmade cards market. I would like to ensure that they don’t run into the same obstacles that i did when starting up, rather that they will be ready to face the challenges of running a card making business. I do so look forward to these sessions, the first of which will be on 25/26 August 2010.

Looking forward,


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