Eco friendly invitations

Eco friendly or green invitations are one way to make a contribution to the environment. The modern bride is well aware of the effects on our environment when we cut down trees to make paper, and e most of today’s consumers are conscientious enough to want to make choices that make their weddings eco-friendly. Invitations […]


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY A time comes when we all need to give back to our environment and society, not just once but make it a continuous process. Partnering with Born Free Foundation, i am happy to have given back to society in the “Pride of Kenya” campaign, by painting one lion free of charge. We […]

Elegant Bows

Just a touch of class is added to a simple card when an elegant bow is attached. Ribbon comes in a variety of sizes, widths, colours, fabrics…. there is something special about a beribboned wedding invitation card.